Homemade White Holiday Eggnog

Hail Normans and Vikings alike. We thought we would treat you with this Viking Eggnog which many people enjoy during the holiday season. Have a great holiday and New Year!


Eggnog with cinnamon wikimedia
Eggnog with cinnamon wikimedia

Serves: 4 – 6


  • 12 egg yolks
  • 2-egg whites
  • 12 Tbsp, sugar
  • Cognac and vanilla
  • You can substitute the Cognac and Vanilla with Brandy or Rum.


Using an Electric Mixer to speed things up, beat the egg yolks and whites until it becomes very thick with a lemony frothy colour. Gradually add sugar as you do this as well. Pour your choice of alcohol and mix it one more time. Once you are satisfied with your mixing skills, serve the drink immediately in a cool dish.

  • Benjamin Jensen

    Takes too much time. Buy a container of Southern Comfort Eggnog, pour eggnog in a glass, add lots of rum, sprinkle nutmeg on top, pop in a cinnamon stick. Drink

  • nhred104

    What can you substitute for the cognac if you have kids? As much fun as they would be drunk, I think it may be inappropriate so what would make a good substitute?

    • normandescendants

      For the kids, you can substitute with vanilla.

  • normandescendants

    Haha, you are right, the Vikings didn’t make this. The specific recipe comes from Norway in modern times.

    • Maybe some monk wrote down an ancient glogg recipe somewhere.

  • A. Brown

    I noticed there’s no cooking the eggs…is this a raw recipe?