The Normans: From Raiders to Kings

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The book is very well written which makes it an easy read. It pulls you into the history of the Normans and their Viking origins even going beyond the conquest of 1066 of William the Conqueror. The book covers two centuries of European history. The Normans locked up in their dark cold huts during the winter seasons made them yearn for spring to come. They could not wait for their adventurous raiding and conquest.

Their dragon-headed boats could be rowed up any waterway to penetrate deep into their victims territory. With their immense strength and ambition, it was nothing for them to raid the North Sea in the British Isles and the coast of France.

The book starts with the Norman Viking raids up and down the coast of Atlantic Europe. It covers the beginnings of the Dukedom of Normandy in the first half and the Kingdom of Sicily in the second. There is much information in the book that I will be writing about as well for the website. It is a definitely good read. Let us know what you think.

“Lars Brownworth’s The Normans is like a gallop through the Middle Ages on a fast warhorse. It is rare to find an author who takes on a subject so broad and so complex while delivering a book that is both fast-paced and readable.” Bill Yenne

The Normans: From Raiders to Kings

Product Description

There is much more to the Norman story than the Battle of Hastings. These descendants of the Vikings who settled in France, England, and Italy – but were not strictly French, English, or Italian – played a large role in creating the modern world. They were the success story of the Middle Ages; a footloose band of individual adventurers who transformed the face of medieval Europe. During the course of two centuries, they launched a series of extraordinary conquests, carving out kingdoms from the North Sea to the North African coast.

In The Normans, author Lars Brownworth follows their story, from the first shock of a Viking raid on an Irish monastery to the exile of the last Norman Prince of Antioch. In the process, he brings to vivid life the Norman tapestry’s rich cast of characters: figures like Rollo the Walker, William Iron-Arm, Tancred the Monkey King, and Robert Guiscard. It presents a fascinating glimpse of a time when a group of restless adventurers had the world at their fingertips.

The Normans: From Raiders to Kings