Tuesday, October 25, 2016

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“Hiberniores Hibernis ipsis” is a line attributed to the Anglo-Irish writer Jonathan Swift. It refers to the descendants of the Norman invaders of Ireland...

Medieval Doodles

Novgorod or Veliky Novgorod, is one of the major historical cities of Russia, and it started out as a trading station for the Varangians...

The Last Viking

25th September 1066 - The Viking King Harald Hardrada’s invaders are being slaughtered at Stamford Bridge outside York. Caught unawares by the English King Harold...

Unsung Normans: Herman de Edgeworth

In a royal charter from King Stephen dated 1137/8 confirming the inheritance of lands of Payn fitz John to his daughter Cecily and her...

Vikings: High Probability of Survival on Zinka

The following article is written by Yaverse Books.  Many attempt to separate themselves from the pack, but author Alexandra Edgeworth is an army of one....

Latest of Vikings in North America

A group of archaeologists and scientists have spent the summer of 2016 working of uncovering historical artifacts of the Vikings in Point Rosee, N.L. "This...
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The Flying Canoe


The Last Viking


The Story Of Technoviking